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Humboldt Nutrients Products are Fertilizing Materials

About us

Our sole purpose is the customer. Humboldt Nutrients strives everyday to create the highest quality products, at the most affordable prices, with the easiest application. Like a craft brewer or a award winning chef, we want to give our customers the best possible nutrient blend that we know how to create. Using all small batch processess, we are able to scrutinize and control our inputs, using only the best quality materials. We want to personally thank all of our devoted Humboldt Nutrients customers for their support and valuable feedback. In the future, Humboldt Nutrients will continue to enlist our all-star R&D team to scour the planet for any and all improvements or developments in agronomy, chemistry, and mycology. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product selection for our growing customer base. Most importantly we want you to enjoy the process of growing plants and cultivating a garden. There is no substitute for the pride one feels after raising up a delicious crop of fruits and vegetables, or a beautiful and aromatic crop of flowers.

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